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Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time there was a Great and Loving King Who ruled a mighty and extensive Kingdom.

 His Father was a Mighty Emperor, Who lived in a Great Palace far away. It was said that this Great Palace was so Beautiful, Peaceful and Joyful that the King’s subjects could not even imagine it. So great was the Mighty Emperor’s Love for His Son, the King, and His people, that He welcomed all the faithful servants of His Son as if they were His own children, and made a Home for them there.

The King had many loyal subjects who served Him faithfully. These men and women did as they were bid with humility, joy, patience, and love. They loved the King, and tried to do everything well, in order to please Him.

The King also had many subjects who thought themselves faithful, but just behaved however they pleased. They claimed the King in their work, but it was not done out of love for Him, but love for themselves, and the temporary satisfaction it gave them.

Some of the King’s subjects did not know Him. They heard of this Mighty and Loving King, but chose not to listen. “There cannot be a king so great as that!” they would say. These people grieved the King greatly, for He loved them.

There was another group of people in this Kingdom, and they were the troubled ones. These subjects hated the King. They knew Him, and His Goodness and Love, and they hated Him. They also hated the faithful servants of the King, and sought to trip them in their journey to the Emperor’s Palace.

The King knew there would be a time for each of His people when their journey would be complete. His loyal servants who had journeyed well He took away with Him to His Great Father’s Palace, where the Happy Ones dwelt. He tried to help all of His people to get there safely, as far as they would let Him. If they did not wish to live in the Great Palace with their King and His Father, the Mighty Emperor, He would not force them to do so.

The King’s Mother, the Beautiful Queen, lived in the Great Palace with the Happy Ones who had served her Son in their time in His Kingdom. She loved her Son very much, and she loved His people, too. She would help them in their journey to the Great Palace by giving them example of how to Love and Serve, and teaching them how to Love her Son more, and Serve Him more faithfully. Some of the King’s subjects were sent by the King to serve His Mother. Others, knowing how kind and gracious the King’s Mother was, asked to be her special servants. The King Loved His Mother so greatly, He would send her as many servants as wished to serve her.

Some did not trust the Beautiful Queen, and feared that her servants loved her too much. They avoided her, and sought the King directly, for fear of giving too much attention to her, and depriving the King of their love and service. This grieved the King and the Queen, because they both knew how much the Queen loved her Son, and all His people. She would never do anything to jeopardize their journey; she only sought to bring the people closer to her Son, as only a mother can.

When the time came for His Mother’s servant’s journey to end, she would be at her Son’s side, begging for their admittance to the Great Palace. She knew them, and she loved them. He could not admit the wicked, but the Beautiful Queen saw to it that none of her especial servants were unfit for the Great Palace. Because the King loved His Mother so, as often as He could, He would welcome her servants into His Father’s Palace, as His own brothers and sisters. Because of the assistance and example of the Beautiful Queen, these souls loved the King more than anything or anyone else, just as His Mother had done.




Help of Christians,

Pray for us!

Written by Mary’s humble Ghillie on  Oct. 9, 2010

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