Go Marching In!

I go to daily Mass whenever I can, and last Monday was no exception. Mass was business as usual (as ‘usual’ as the Mass ever is – it’s Heaven on earth!). Right before we moved to the Altar to receive Communion, the lady’s phone began to ring in the pew ahead of me. She frantically tried to fish the offending technology out of her purse to silence it, but by the time she dug it out the ringtone had run its course. It made me smile to hear the tune it played: “When the Saints go Marching In.” While the poor lady reddened, I began to consider the comparison between the cheerful melody we just heard and the action we were about to do. We were about to march up to the altar and partake in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. As Mother Angelica of EWTN is fond of reminding the faithful, we are all called to be saints. The “saints-in-the-making” at Mass that day were marching in to meet Jesus Christ, the Ultimate Saint-Making Machine.

I shared this thought with the phone’s owner after Mass, and she seemed pleased that God used her phone’s lack of manners to move a heart closer to sainthood.



About Mary's Ghillie

Why Mary's? Because she is the best example of how to live a life worthy of Christ. Why Ghillie? It's an old Celtic word for servant. I'm Mary's Ghillie!

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