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The Lonely Rosary

We’ve all seen it.

It hangs there, day and night, so patient and so faithful.

Maybe one day… it will think.

Maybe one day, she will pick me up and pray with me.

Yep, it’s that rosary you have hung on your rearview mirror.

While I’m quite aware the a rosary is an inanimate object devoid of feelings, thoughts, and emotion, the Mother you connect with when you pray her rosary is anything but. I’m just as guilty as the rest: I get in my car every day, and almost always I look right past my Mother’s roses to see what this world has for me, and what I’ll need to dodge to get to work in one piece.

But really, how hard would it be to reach that short distance between the steering wheel and the mirror and offer your mother a decade as you work your way through rush hour traffic? If you’re like me, you likely reach up there anyway to last-minute adjust the view before you take off. And if you make it a habit, maybe you’ll even become a kinder, less aggressive driver!

No one can calm you and protect you like a mother, and Mother Mary is the best of the best.

See you on the road!

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