About Me

Hello, Reader!

Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Leah, and I’m a happy, Catholic wife & mama loving my life and living my Faith in East Texas. I was home schooled, then got my degree in Science education from UT Tyler! I am married to the Love of my life, Ben, and we have two precious little girls, Zélie (almost 2) and Ellie (7 months). 

I started blogging in 2010, mainly sharing thoughts about what our Good God was working in my life. This has continued, and along with a few series (Holy Week, the Hail Mary), my posts primarily reflect what God is moving in my heart and my life. 

The name “Mary’s Ghillie” comes from an old Gaelic word “gillie’ (GIL-lee) which was the name given to a chieftain’s primary assistant or attendant. ‘Ghillie’ has been a nickname of mine since my Irish Dancing and Summer Camp days, so when I became devoted to Our Lady, calling myself her attendant or servant just seemed to fit. Mary is a gentle mother, and thank goodness! This little Ghillie has a long way to go!

Holiness is an adventure, so hold on tight! 

God bless and Mary keep!

Mary’s Ghillie 



What are your thoughts?

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